Many Swedes and I were baffled when the US President
Donald Trump suggested during a rally, that a security
incident had occurred in Sweden the night before, as it
was a fairly uneventful evening. An ironic Facebook
memorial event
was planned in front of the Swedish
Embassy to show solidarity with Swedes over this event,
that never happened.


More than 1.300 responded to attend the fake event on
Facebook and therebyturning the fake news into real
news and the event of course had to take place. It got
the permission from the Copenhagen Police and due to
some “ misunderstandings “ with a few Trump supporters,
the Secret Service also had to be included.


“ Last Night in Sweden “ - The event is a protest against
fake news spread by Politicians and the Media. People
should be able to make up their own mind based on facts,
not feelings oropinions. Everyone is entitled to their own
opinion - but not your own facts ! Fake news might work
well in North Korea - but a democracy deserves genuine


The local danish media found interest in this political art
project a few days aheadand shortly after the event, it
went International. Articles about the event were published
in The Huffington Post, Politico, TheTelegraph & it had been
the top ten most read on BBC Worldwide, just to mention a
few. The national Swedish News reported, that I have had
to hire bodyguards as my life had been threatened by angry
Trump supporters - so evenmy anti fake news event created
fake news itself.