The election campaign is in full swing and the established
parties are busy collecting campaign funds from different  
groups and studying polls in order to optimize their political
messages to gain votes. The Love Party does not think that
some groups in society can buy, own public spaces or
public opinion. So, in the 2012 parliamentary election, we
decided to establish a fictitious political party without getting
any funding from groups with hidden agenda.


The political landscape has changed dramatically over the
last decades, especially after 9/11 and the last economic
crisis. Common sense and compassion have been displaced
in favor of self-sufficiency, selfishness and profit maximization.
Earlier basic values ​​such as love for our common sphere,
understanding of strangers and their culture, as well as
acceptance of diversity in our society, are increasingly
sacrificed in the name of economic growth.


Economy is the main theme in every election campaign.
We have set up a society that can only  survive  through
economic growth, and growth can only be understood as
being material. The Love Party is not interested in
unemployment and economic ratios, but wishes to focus on
charity, environmental responsibility and international
openness, in a fun and easily digestible way.

"If alternative election posters could change anything -
it would be illegal to hang them up"

The Love Party posters are on permanent display at
the National Danish Design Museum.



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